How does SCAGEL work?

Cybele Scagel

     Due to its innovative formula, the product acts during all stages of the wound healing process.

•  Inhibits the over production and helps promote balanced collagen production. It promotes Type I and Type III collagen homeostasis and stop the conversion of the mature fibrocytes to myofibroblasts, which is the cell type known to be associated with keloid type scar.
•  It hydrates and soothes the damaged skin.
•  It softens the skin and helps to prevent scar.
•  Reduction of itching and redness.
•  Catifelează pielea şi preîntâmpină uscarea şi iritarea.
•  It softens the skin and prevents a dry, irritated and vulnerable skin.
•  It helps reducing post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Ingredients in action during the wound healing process: