What does SCAGEL contain?

Cybele Scagel

Contains botanical extracts and silicone derivative:

•  Onion extract – 12%, Centella Asiatica Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Paper Mulberry Extract, Tamarind Extract, Alantoin, Vitamin E,
•  Hydroxyprolisilane C (silicone derivative).


Onion extract – 12%
  -   Inflammatory and antibacterial action.
  -   Increases formation of tissue.
  -   Removes additional cells that cause hypertrophy and the formation of keloid scars.
  -   Inhibits excessive fibroblast proliferation.

Centella asiatica extract
  -   Centella asiatica helps promote balanced collagen production.
  -   promotes Type I and Type III collagen homeostasis.
  -   The most beneficial effect appears to be the stimulation of maturation of the scar by the production of type I collagen and the resulting decrease in the inflammatory reaction and myofibroblast production.

Tamarind extract
  -   Contains natural sources of alpha-hidroxy-acid (AHA) which help to remove dead skin cells, proliferate, moisturize and smoothen the skin.

Paper mulberry extract
  -   It’s active ingredient is Kazinol F.
  -   Reduces skin pigmentation.
  -   Balances the natural skin tone.

Aloe vera extract
  -   Aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal activity.
  -   Prevents scar to appear.
  -   Removes dead skin cells and stimulates formation of new cells.

  -   Heals the wound and prevents scar formation.
  -   As an anti-irritant , allantoin conteracts the pruritis often associated with scar formation.
  -   Mild keratolysis has a softening effect and leads to smoothing of the skin surface and improved scar elasticity by increasing of moisture retention capacity.

Vitamin E
  -   Acts as moisturizer and anti-oxidant.
  -   Prevents cell aging.
  -   Accelerates cell regeneration.

Hidroxyprolisilane C
  -   Helps to brighten and smoothen the skin.
  -   Regenerates tissue and provides skin firmness.
  -   Helps arrangement of collagen fibers in scars.